Liquid Handling Specialists, Inc
Liquid Handling Specialists Facility

Specialists In Oil Filtration, Dehydration, Coalescing And Separation

Liquid Handling Specialists has been a distributor of industrial filtration systems for over thirty years. Our headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia USA serving accounts on a national and international basis. Liquid Handling Specialists focusıs on the markets of power generation, pulp & paper, steel mills, petrochemical, chemical, textile, aviation, marine, and automotive. Industry leader in sales, service, and rentals of vacuum dehydrators.

Our Rental fleet includes 120 to 1800 G.P.H. units, portable filter carts, flushing skids, high vacuum transformer oil dehydrators, oil heaters, oil coolers, fullers earth towers and filter vessels. Other products available include fuel filter separators, ASME code filter vessels, pressure oilers, flow switches, turbine oil conditioners, nominal and absolute rated filter elements, filter bag vessels and replacement micronic bags, lubrication systems, oil water separators, oil skimmers, flow meters pumping systems and custom designed systems.

3160 Lenora Church Road , Snellville (Atlanta), GA 30039 USA
Phone: 770-449-4000 Fax: 770-982-6868