Oil Stop Valves

Oil Stop Valves

Oil Stop Valves Prevents Discharge Of Oils And Fuel Spills To Sewers & Streams

Oil Stop Valves Oil Stop Valves

Stainless Steel Float


Self Opening & Closing


Model LHS-EOSV-6"


Features: Options:
Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Construction Catch Basin Vault To Contain Oil Stop Valve
Stainless Steel Specific Weighted Float All Stainless Steel Construction
Dependable Gravity Operation Teflon Seal
Single Moving Part For Reliability Threaded Connection
No Power Requirement Butt-weld Connection
Customer Specified Outlet Elevation Invert Locking Mechanism For Positive Shut Off
Self Opening & Closing Automatic Feature


(Requires operator reset & 304 s.s lock & reset)


Model Number

Pipe Size

Maximum Flow Rate

LHS-EOSV-2 2" 15 Gallons Per Minute
LHS-EOSV-3 3" 30 Gallons Per Minute
LHS-EOSV-4 4" 150 Gallons Per Minute
LHS-EOSV-6 6" 475 Gallons Per Minute
LHS-EOSV-8 8" 750 Gallons Per Minute
LHS-EOSV-10 10" 1200 Gallons Per Minute
LHS-EOSV-12 12" 2000 Gallons Per Minute
LHS-EOSV-14 14" 3000 Gallons Per Minute
Note: (Flow rates given are general, and each specific application should be reviewed to qualify flow rate)


The EOSV series oil stop valve employs oil / water gravity differential of any two immiscible liquids that have a minimum of 2% weight differential to prevent discharge of oil and fuel spills.


  • Fueling system areas

  • Electrical transformer pads

  • Oil, & fuel storage areas

The oil stop valve is your first line of defense in preventing an oil spill disaster.


Reliable Environmental Protection


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