Oil Water Separators

Oil Water Separators

Oil water separators, MAS (MPak Axial Flow Separator) Series, are designed to handle either gravity or pumped flow on a single pass or re-circulatory basis.  There are no moving parts to fail or require expensive maintenance as they are equipped with patented MPak® coalescing plates.

  Oil Water Separator

The separator vessel is constructed of carbon steel, with a special corrosion resistant coating both internally and externally.  The MAS consists of a pre-separation chamber with a baffle, a plate inlet chamber directly upstream of the plates, an MPak coalescing plate section, and an outlet underflow/overflow exit chamber.

Each MAS separator is provided with a special cleaning wand to make accumulated solids removal quick and easy.


Standard Features:

Standard Engineering Specifications:

  • Two adjustable oil skimmers
  • Hinged access covers for easy adjustment of oil skimmers and access to basket strainers
  • Flexcote epoxy coating interior and exterior - total DFT 8 mils
  • MPak plate packs: packaged with stainless steel and plastic hardware - media is calcium carbonate-filled oleophilic polypropylene
  • Clean plate packs in place - no need to remove from unit
  • Solids collection trough built into all units
  • ¼" and ½" MPak Coalescing plate spacing
  • MPak cleaning wand provided with each unit
  • Computerized effluent predictions for accurate sizing
  • Construction material:
    A-36 Carbon Steel
  • Connections:
    -Inlet & outlet
    150# R.F.S.O.
    -Solids cleanout
    4" Victaulic with cap
    2" NPT coupling
    2½" NPT coupling
    (heaters optional)
  • Flanges: ANSI B16.5
  • Separator hydrostatically tested for one-half hour
  • Welded in accordance with the latest edition of A.W.S. D1.1






Special Options:


  • Adjustable effluent weir

  • Oil storage tank-integral to the separator

  • Cleanable and reusable basket strainer (s)

  • Solids collection riser for solids removal

  • Tie down clips

  • Separators built in accordance with other codes on request

  • Oil pump control station: Pre-piped and pre-wired, with automatic level control for side oil holding tank.  Available in NEMA-4 or NEMA-7 construction.  Includes:

    pump & motor

    control panel

    high and low level float switches

  • Immersion heaters - available in various ratings and choice of NEMA-4 or NEMA-7 enclosures pre-wired to a dedicated heater control panel.

  • Gasketed covers


  • Rainwater run-off clean-up
  • Maintenance wash down clean-up
  • Heavy equipment and transportation wash down facilities
  • Groundwater remediation clean-up
  • Machine tool coolant recovery
  • Manufacturing facility effluent water
  • Oil refinery/storage terminal effluent water
  • Offshore and onshore oil production facilities
  • Marine Applications
  • General Industry







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