Liquid Handling Specialists Rental Equipment

Vac-Dri Vacuum Dehydrator and Oil Purification Rental Equipment

Liquid Handling Specialists, Inc. provides a fleet of vacuum dehydrator and oil purification rental equipment. Over forty years in the business.

Our Vacuum Dehydrator Rental Program Provides:

  • Immediate response to emergency water ingression problems to avoid unscheduled shutdowns. 24/7 response
  • Allows machines to run while identifying water / stream ingression source
  • Proof of performance in your mill under your operating conditions

Vacuum Dehydrator Rental Rental Program Avoids:

  • Unexpected capital outlay
  • Neglecting water problems due to budget constraints

Services:Service technician available for startup assistance.
Delivery by our truck, common carrier or expedited services.

The Vac-Dri process removes more water faster and provides the lowest ppm levels than any other system on the market.

Vac-Dri Vacuum Dehydration & Oil Purification Systems

“ The industry leader in vacuum dehydration technology”


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