Transformer Oil Purifiers

Transformer Oil Purifiers, Purification, Conditioners, and Reclamation

Transformer Oil Purifiers

Oil Purification Oil Purifiers

Hi-Vac Solutions To Transformer Oil Contamination

Transformer Oil Purifiers, Conditioners, and Reclamation

Transformers oil conditioners, purification and reclamation addresses the higher cost for oils and ever increasing environmental regulation and liability. It is no longer economical to replace electrical insulating oils to renew their dielectric strength. Restoring these oils to their original strength through purification is now a necessity. High Vacuum (Hi-Vac) Transformer Oil Purification Systems are designed specifically to meet the operational, economic and environmental needs of industry in purifying insulating oils. Through proven dehydration, degasification, and filtration techniques, the Hi-Vac Oil Purification Systems quickly and easily remove:

  • Free and emulsified water to less than 10 ppm
  • Free and dissolved air and gases to 0.25% of total gas content
  • Particulate matter to 0.5 microns nominal (2.8 microns absolute)
  • Other contaminants using unique media designs
And operation is a snap. Hi-Vac Systems are easy to use and require very little maintenance. Even replacement elements are very inexpensive. Hi-Vac Systems can be used as stationary units or manufactured within a variety of trailer configurations to be completely portable.

Features & Benefits

  • Systems designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs
  • Proven reliability backed by more than 33 years of experience
  • Streamlined, safe, quiet, dependable operation
  • Removes impurities without damage to costly additives
  • Removes free and emulsified water to less than 10 ppm, free and dissolved air and gases to 0.25% of total gas content, varnishes, paints, acids, resins, and oxidized agents
  • Removes particulate matter to 0.5 microns nominal (2.8 microns absolute)
  • Fullers Earth, activated carbon and activated alumina filters available
  • Fully pre-piped, pre-wired, factory tested, and ready for immediate installation
  • Controls designed for manual or fully automatic operation
  • Capable of full integration into monitoring and control systems
  • Electrical components enclosed in NEMA IV weather proof housing
  • NEMA VII explosion proof housing also available)
  • Modular design for easy monitoring and maintenance
  • Minimal training and man hours to operate, limited demand and preventative maintenance, and low cost element replacement
  • Available as either a stationary unit (skid mounted) or as a portable unit in several trailer configurations


  • Systems customized with components to meet your specific requirements
  • Flow rates range from 30 GPH to 3,000 GPH
  • Vacuum pump capacity to 3,000 CFM
  • Maximum vacuum pressure (blank off) to 0.01 mm Hg (10 microns)
  • Typical operating vacuum pressure range during oil purification from 0.5 mm Hg to 5 mm Hg
  • Full range of heater capacities available including pre and post heaters
  • Available in most voltages to meet your specific needs

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